Join Our Carbon Fast this Lent Feb 14-Mar 31

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Join our Carbon Fast this Lent!

Fasting during Lent has a long history within the Christian tradition.  The origins can be traced to Jesus’ 40 day wilderness fast, as well as to practices embedded in the traditions of ancient Israel.  For some, the idea of fasting is about deprivation.  For some, rebalancing.

The Peace Green Team invites you to join us in a fast to help rebalance Creation—a “carbon fast.”

Why a carbon fast? We’ve had some conversations at Peace about how heat-trapping pollution is warming our planet too quickly for creation to adapt.  One of the most detrimental gasses is carbon dioxide (CO2) from power generation, transportation and many other sources.

Pumping these pollutants into our air is leading to more climate-related disasters—

  • a longer fire season,
  • more severe storms,
  • warmer and more acidic waters, which affect our fisheries,    our coastlines, our salmon and orcas. T

The poor and vulnerable are most harmed by these disasters. 

The Peace Lutheran 2018 Carbon Fast Calendar offers many ideas for reducing our personal, household, and community carbon footprints. Pick up a copy in the Narthex today or download the PDF and see how you could participate. The EPA’s website has a carbon footprint calculator you can use to find out where you could make your biggest household reductions. Start there! And please join us in our Carbon Fast.

– The Peace Lutheran Green Team

NOTE: The Carbon Fast Calendar we’re using is based on one prepared by the folks of Ecofaith Recovery and St. Andrew Lutheran Church of Beaverton, Oregon. We’re grateful for their permission to edit and utilize this resource!

Peace Lutheran 2018 Lent Carbon Fast Calendar v2

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