God’s Work Our Hands Sunday September 11 at Lincoln Park. 12:30-2pm All ages are invited to Lincoln Park for a work party. Bring a water bottle and garden gloves if you have them. This is a great way to help out our local park many of us love to go to. It is also a very visual way for our neighbors to see Peace is an active participant in the neighborhood. We also have a great time working alongside each other.


Crop Walk October 2 We walk because they walk! Help raise money and awareness for hungry people around the world and in our own neighborhood. Join walkers from Peace and other churches for a walk along Alki after worship. Watch for more information.


Safety Training October 9 Noon to 1:30pm Includes lunch.  All volunteers who work with children, youth, or shut-ins are strongly encouraged at attend a workshop on Peace’s Safety policy. This is for everyone whether you have done a safety training in the past or not.


Youth Ministry Summit What is is like to grow up at Peace? How are we doing passing our faith to the next generation? Be part of the conversation to evaluate and plan for Peace Children Youth and Family Ministry. Join us if have a tiny baby. Join us if you have an eight year old. Join us with your middle schooler. Join us if you will be sending your kid off to college soon. Join us you have grandkids or like kids or just want to be part of the conversation. Date has not been set. Look for more information for a conversation this Fall.