Pastor Erik with two Confirmands

Confirmation is a life-long process that begins in baptism. God has entrusted us with the Sacred Story of God’s unfolding plan for redeeming the entire universe.  The central drama in this story surrounds the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Confirmation is about deepening our knowledge, our understanding, and our experience of how God’s story has become, in Christ, our story. And confirmation is about learning to practice our faith in our daily lives by celebrating God’s grace and sharing the Good News story with others.

Confirmation marks a milestone in a young person’s Christian education. This milestone is not an ending or a “graduation” but rather another important event during a lifelong process of spiritual growth.

At Peace Lutheran we have designed a two-year education program that leads to Confirmation. Students participate in this program during two consecutive years, either 6th and 7th grades or 7th and 8th grades or 8th and 9th grades.  This program focuses on three primary components to a healthy Christian life:

  • Spiritual Foundations: participation in worship, knowledge of Scriptures, Luther’s Small Catechism, and Christian faith practices.
  • Service to Others: SOW MyTime ministry.
  • Community Life: building relationships with classmates, youth leaders, mentors, family, friends, and community.

Each of these components serves as a leg to support the 3-legged stool of Christian discipleship.  If one is missing, our lives get thrown out of balance.  When all are present, we have a firm foundation upon which to build our lives as people of faith.