Sunday Mornings

Rally Day is September 17.

We’ll explore the grand sweep of God’s salvation story in the Scriptures through 6 stations which offer
hands-on experiences. Learn Greek. Go through a refugee check point. Share stories about food over a
simple breakfast. Learn about slavery. Run an obstacle course. And more. A little bit for everyone. All ages way to kick off the year.


***Age group classes begin September 24*** Start time 9:15am
Preschool – 2nd Grade Julie has been spending time on Pinterest and preparing to introduce her class to the Superheroes of the Bible! Young kids can join her each week for stories, crafts, and superheroes at 9:15.


2nd-5th  Grade Chris  and Anne are ready to welcome their class with active games, crafts, and engaging with the Bible. Middle grade kids will have a great time moving their bodies and challenging their minds each week at 9:15.


Youth/Young Adult Nicole  will be ready to welcome you with Starbucks in hand. Get there early if you want the best couch. We will be doing an in depth Bible Study this year. Gain insight and discuss ways to apply it to your life. There will also be time to check in on how everyone is doing and probably an off topic discussion or two. Let’s see if we can start close to 9:15 this year.


All ages will join in with Family Sunday School the first of each month, and on those Sundays the age group classes above will be on hold. (This does not apply to adults.)


NEW OPPORTUNITY: Family Sunday School ** STARTS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1st ** Start time 9am
Come along on a journey through the Bible. Adults and children will pair together as we take you on a journey through the entire Bible highlighting 120 verses – covering every book! Parent and child. Grandparents and Grandchild. Godparents. Family friend. Come together once a month to sit side-by-side gaining new understanding, exploring together, and creating a lasting bond.


What is the purpose of Family Sunday School:

• To teach the whole story of salvation by walking children and parents through the Bible, highlighting 120 key Scripture passages from Genesis to Revelation
• To prepare a Bible for the next 120 nights of home devotions
• To add the reading of one Bible verse each night to the bedtime ritual of sharing of Highs & Lows, prayer, blessing, and putting children to sleep with music that features God’s Word


NOTE:  Families please sign up by September 17, Rally Day to help us plan.