Saturday, May 13, 9:00AM – 4:00PM

Women’s Retreat at The Ballymena, 7124 47th Ave SW, West Seattle

Just one day, close to home, and timely!—that’s the 2017 Peace Women’s Retreat.

Beginning with a sumptuous brunch at 9 am, Saturday, May 13 (the day before Mother’s Day), women –young, old, and in between– will consider together how to find strength and hope in challenging times. Along the way we’ll sing, pray, and play. If you like, join fellow walkers for a pre-brunch 7:30 am walk in nearby Lincoln Park.

Registration deadline is May 5th.  For a brochure, to volunteer, to assist the ad hoc planning group, or to have your questions answered, contact Marian Christjaener, mchristjaener@gmail.com; Boots Winterstein, paulwinterstein@q.com or 206-762-1362.     See you May 13 at The Ballymena!

The retreat planning group: Marian Christjaener, Dana Rice, Floie Vane, Boots Winterstein, Audrey Zemke.

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